25 August 2008

Catch up on Private Practice!

I haven't had the chance to blog about Private Practice enough, have I? Season 2 is airing in a couple of weeks and we've got to do some catching up by starting with the summary from last season. It's been so long since the last episode aired. I think I have forgotten most of it. So this one should help:

For Season 2, the show has hired Grant Show to play Addison's brother.

I've previously written about Addison's new guy/old guy. But you know who else is heading in the same direction? According to E!, Cooper and Charlotte, you know the doctor in the hospital ER. Did they have something going on before? I think I missed that or forgot about that.

What else is happening in Season 2? This is from Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Private Practice ---

Dr. Addison Montgomery - "You actually start to see Addison have a personal life. Addison has never been happy: Derek was always like, 'Get away,' Sloan was just after one thing, and Karev was just this curmudgeon. Now there's some fun and romance for her."

Dr. Sam Bennett - "It seems as if we're going in a direction where you see the inner workings of Sam, which are not like his outside, where he seems calm, cool and collected. It's been really fun to play."

William "Dell" Parker - "I want to find a way to make his midwifery stories interesting and compelling."

Dr. Naomi Bennett - "The Sam-Naomi-Dell triangle fallout gets fairly interesting, complex, charming and funny."

Dr. Cooper Freedman - "I think it's ironic that Violet has been pushing Cooper to get serious about a woman, and when he does, she feels abandoned. He is starting to realize the deficiencies that he has. Where we start this season is that he takes a step toward Charlotte, and that pays dividends, but it also has bad effects with his friends."

Dr. Charlotte King: "Playing opposite this guy [points to Adelstein] this season is just a dream come true."

Dr. Violet Turner: "In her mind, she has lost Cooper, and she is still recovering from her relationship ending, so she is dealing with that."

Dr. Pete Wilder: "TV romances are like really good sex; you do everything you can before you finally consummate it," Daly said about the continuing will-they-or-won't-they tension between Addison and Pete.