27 August 2008

My TV is officially back!

And what this means is... it would be harder for anyone to pry me away from the screen! It also means more eyesore. It also means less sleep. It also means --- I'm really, really, really happy!!!

Australian Idol's sixth season just premiered. Although I can't watch the first three episodes until my husband returns from an OT trip next week. Bleh.

I will, instead, watch new episodes of Greek later.

Early next week, The Shield premieres its last season. But again, can't watch it till the hubs is back. So, in place of that, I will check out the first episode of 90210 and see if it's worth keeping on my list.

I'll also check out Samurai Girl because I love women who can handle swords; and Sons of Anarchy because I love how crazy the word "anarchy" sounds. I can sense this show is going to be butch. (Haven't read any synopsis or what).

For the rest of the schedule this fall season, look up my blog since I've provided a link to the calendar. Or click this.

Fall Season is ON!