18 August 2008

Friends' Anatomy

When I first began watching Grey's Anatomy in 2005, I had read of reactions from fans of Friends saying how much it reminded them of their former favorite; that this show about doctors is the new Friends.

I guess one can chalk it up to missing Friends too much, but I really didn't see what they were talking about. Especially since, every new show debuting after 2004 was called the new Friends!

I forgot all about that until TV Filter brought it up again.
Meredith is Rachel. Whiny? Check. Self obsessed? Check. Highlighted to within an inch of her life? Oh, yeah. The next one’s easy too: competitive, perfectionistic Cristina is a dead ringer for Monica. Sweet, daffy, animal-loving Izzy (remember the deer?) is Phoebe sans guitar. McDreamy is sad-eyed but oh-so-condescending Ross with better hair. Dorky, formerly lovelorn George is Seattle Grace’s Chandler Bing. And then we come to Alex. Is he a perfect match for Joey Tribbiani? No. But he is a man slut who always, always gets stuck in the B plot line.
Four seasons of Grey's Anatomy later and those fans (and TV Filter) may have really been on to something. Why did I not see that before?

What does this say for characterization though? Can we really sum up TV people into 6 basic characters such as these:

What do you think?