08 August 2008

Last Comic Standing's Jeff Dye

Am I looking at a potential sitcom star?

Here's Jeff Dye, ladies and gentlemen. He's young and tall, with Ben Affleck good looks and yes.... he's very funny.

I'm not so sure if he wound up winning Last Comic Standing tonight. I have not seen the show yet and I am rooting for Marcus more.

But Jeff? If he isn't going to make it, something tells me I'm going to see him with his own TV show anyway. How can that not happen? Look at this pretty boy. His jokes aren't half bad as well. My 10 year old was watching this with me and of the eight people that performed, he only laughed at Jeff's jokes. (Hint: Jeff appeals to kids!)

Oh, I just read some spoilers and Iliza, the only girl, ended up winning it all. What?? That's wrong. The show is messed up.