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06 August 2008

Sports Night Reunion, yay!

Seldom do I tune to Law and Order: SVU. I watch it only when I like the guest. And I read something I really, really liked this morning...which means, I'd be on the lookout for its upcoming episode airing Sept. 30th.

Law and Order: SVU has booked Josh Charles and Teri Polo as guests in an episode.
The duo will play a married couple whose son becomes a suspect in — yep, you guessed it — some kind of grisly sex crime investigation. | EW
It's a reunion for the two of them. They used to play lovers in Aaron Sorkin's defunct series, Sports Night and it would really be good to see them back on TV. Together. Yay!

On Sports Night, they had serious chemistry. Here, watch their scene from that show:

Aww. Watching that made me miss them. I think I'm going to my DVD of Sports Night off the shelf and marathon this!

1 comment:

  1. Wow. This is my favorite episode in my favorite show of all time.

    I once marathoned the entire series with a group of college friends. 18 hours of pure awesome.