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14 June 2008

The one with that reunion rumor...

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney... I miss your friends, too: Courteney Cox Wants to Star in a Movie Version of 'Friends'

But I am with David on this one: No Friends reunited for Ross

Why ruin a beautiful, tearful but perfect TV ending? Unless they do the movie documentary style? That might work. I would love that.


  1. im delighted to see this photo! alam mo bang im so decades delayed in getting hooked to this Friends series!
    i tried watching it last week and i couldnt stop since. i make sure i get several eps a night.. to end my day with a laugh.
    na addict ata ako sis. tinitipid tipid ko ang pag watch kasi 10 seasons lang dba. hahaha...
    a movie? hmmmm.. im not sure.. baka wag na muna kaya...

  2. Whoohoo! It's never too late to watch Friends!

    Pag nanonood ka, ang bilis ng oras, you will hardly notice you went through 10 seasons. Time flies when you're having fun kasi, diba?

    Enjoy, sis!

  3. Gits! WATCH WATCH WATCH! Ako, I will NEVER tire of watching is show!!