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30 June 2008

Futurama: Beast with the Billion Backs and Bender's Big Score

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs Futurama - Bender\'s Big Score

Beast with a Billion Backs and Bender's Big Score are Futurama direct-to-video movie releases. It's two of the four movies the creators of Futurama has released two years after the show was canceled by Fox.

Beast with a Billion Backs was largely about Fry falling in love with the planet Yuvo. I mean, literally falling in love, like romantic partners.

Bender's Big Score was about time-traveling, it confused the hell out of me coz Fry (and Bender) was zapping to and from the future, he eventually met his other self. He turned out to be Leela's boyfriend/husband.

I don't remember Futurama ever having such twisted story lines. My son and I kept glancing at each other with the "Can you believe how silly this is?" look on our faces.

But it was silly in a good...fun...my-kind-of-twisted humor way. Futurama's team of writers are crazy-imaginative, it's wonderful.

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