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27 June 2007

What would I say if Lost was my boyfriend...

After choosing not to watch the latest episodes of Lost Season 3 since it's return early this year, I did my marathon of the series in the last two days and was very, very, very pleased this show is back on it's feet.


Dear Lost,

I was ready to give up. In fact, you somehow lost me last year. I tried to stay away. I even found a diversion. I found a bunch of people with extraordinary abilities to do that, in fact. I felt I needed help from this obsession, this need for figuring you out. Because I had grown sluggish with us. And it did not help that you did not give the answers.

But blame it on history, something which you and I had for the last two years or so, I gave you another chance just this week. I kept hearing how you turned things around when you got back last January.

You're complicated, a lot of people know that. No really ever gets how you are. A lot of people try; they pick you out, every part of you, to understand what's there.

But maybe that's why you still have me. I realize now, figuring you out is good for me. And the truth is --- it took me this long to see it --- I was never really bored with you. On hindsight, perhaps some of this may have been my fault, too. If only I had been more patient.

What I saw yesterday still did not give me all the answers I had been wanting to know. But that is okay because what I saw gave me something else. Something even better ---- satisfaction, hope, a deeper connection.

Now I see that what we have works because with you it's a journey, an experience that makes me richer. Where that journey leads to is not something that should concern me for now.

I just know that this time, I don't wanna miss the ride anymore.


Now what I really want to say about Lost Season 3: Fan-freaking-tastic!


  1. Ang tindi mo, 'day! =)

  2. Baduy with a capital B! LOL! I have not written a letter like that in a looooooooooong time. Feeling pers lab. Yaaakkk. :D

  3. Hehe...natopak ako. Bwisit kasing Lost yan, ang ganda.