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25 June 2007

Spoiler Alert & Other News

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.

- Foreman, Cameron & Chase will be back definitely but not as House's students
- Instead House will have four new doctors training under him
- There's a possibility that the attraction between Hourse and Cuddy will develop
- Expect a different Season 4 with these changes

Grey's Anatomy:
- Yep, they are exploring involving Derek and a new intern.
- One of Derek's sisters might drop in Seattle Grace and it's not the one from last Season. *Rumor* has it it's Tiffany Amber Theissen. Emphasis on rumor. You may recall her as the replacement of Brenda in 90210.

- There might be a female president this time around. If only Sherry Palmer was alive.

Prison Break:
- New character named Betty Crocker will serve as Lincoln's love interest. She will not look like this Betty Crocker, who most Americans associate with baking:

Instead PB's Bretty Crocker looks like this, and she plays a cunning government agent:

She will be played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.

- New prison bad-ass...this guy, played by British actor Chris Vance:

He will be Michael's prison buddy in that new prison Michael is holed out. He will assist him in the plan to break out. Yet again.

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  1. Thanks for the GA spoiler, Mindy. I am sure that Derek will be involved with Lexie whom she met at the bar last season. Oohhh, sizzling! Can't wait!

  2. About 24....hmmm, my thoughts exactly. I'm currenty watching Season 6...and her name kept on cropping up with my conversations with my hubby. Lines like "Sayang patay na si Sherry Palmer...bakit si Wayne?!" or "Sherry wouldve kicked some major butt!"

    Too bad they killed her character off. Isa pa yang si Pres Charles Logan na pinatay (patay nga ba?? baka mabuhay uli!). Those were good characters that shldve stayed..or at least kept alive. Si Kim na lang sana, haha.

  3. Hey Abbie...for sure api-api na naman si Mer. Season 2 api-api feeling niya because she became the other woman in the relationship. This time, her bf betrays her with her half-sister. Miserable!

    Lyn - ang corny ni Wayne, parang hindi presidente. I miss Sherry. She was in this series I saw....kalimutan ko ano.......ah, October Road. She played a teacher yata (nakalimutan ko na) pero I was waiting for her fangs to come out. Parang gusto ko siya magmaldita. Hehe.