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08 June 2007

Season Finale - House & Scrubs

Oooh, two Doctor series.

Was able to finish House and Scrubs last week... but wasn't able to write about it... that I now forgot what I wanted to say. Dang it. My mind is blank. I'm trying to recall how their seasons ended. Oohh, wait. Lemme see....

House --- ahhh, the kids are all grown up. Chase was fired. Cameron quit. And Foreman, he resigned three or four episodes back. To be honest, I fell asleep the last 15 minutes of the Season Finale. I had to watch some parts again in the morning but my mind doesn't seem to wanna understand what I saw (which explains why I couldn't remember it). The mood of the episode was different for some reason. House looked contented, even while everywhere around him -- friction. With the three now out of his care (or free from his torment, I suppose), next season he'll have three new doctors to train and we'll have new cast members to love or hate I guess. Best moments for me were the scenes with Wilson, who kept lecturing House about how he handles the other three. You know, really... if Wilson was a woman, she would have to be House's nagging wife.

Scrubs --- Had to do a marathon for this because I missed out at least 6 episodes. So, JD is going to be a father. And it's not quite clear if he loves Kim. It isn't also quite clear if Elliot and him are hooking up. I wasn't quite pleased with the way it ended. Cliffhanger BS. Why does a show always have to end on a bad note? It's true what Carla and Turk said --- JD and Elliot's relationship is becoming similar to Ross & Rachel's. Who's tired of this? *me raising my hand* Well, fortunately for Scrubs, the comedy is still good.

Season 3 Episode 24 - Human Error
Original Airing: May 29, 2007
Network: Fox

Season 6 Episode 22 - My Point of No Return
Original Airing: May 17, 2007
Network: NBC

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