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11 June 2007

Conan's First & Soprano's Last

Ever wondered how Conan O'Brien's very first talk show episode went? I haven't seen this one myself, so I'm quite thrilled at having found this on the net. Look at this dork! Hehe!

Video is about 42 minutes long, may take awhile to load.

In another news....The Sopranos will have their final episode tonight. That's it for the show, their 6 Season run is done. Was pretty much spoiler free for this last season, I have yet to watch it. But come tomorrow, I'm sure it will be all that I'll read in the entertainment section of the news.

Even as I think that the end is just fitting, I'm really gonna miss this show.

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  1. ang funny ni conan, i thought sisigaw sya pagdating sa new tv host room, much better pa pala LOL

  2. Mukha siyang tanga no? LOL! Although not much has changed since...ganun pa rin siya may pagka dorky.