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03 June 2007

Back to "Me"

Yesterday, my son and I set off to finish our Friends Marathon. I've seen this show many, many times and I still feel very sad about the ending. Coz of that, I got depressed again . LOL! I plan on doing a Will & Grace marathon next. I have not been able to watch this show from start to finish, so some episodes will be very fresh and very new to me...so very excited for that.
[Emotion meter: SAD and then EXCITED. Roller coaster of emotions here ]


Also saw Traveler's latest episode yesterday. That got me sad, too. (I really should stay away from stuff that bring me down!!) Because as it turns out, the show which I thought would be one big hit, is becoming another Prison Break story. And I've grown tired of premises like that.

[Emotion meter: SAD & BORED. Less of the chase, more of the action please.]


What really made my day was this, from Studio 60:

Which is funny because...for something that supposedly made my day, this one actually made me teary-eyed at the end of the episode. Hehe, sorry....hormones' all crazy.

Anyway, a lot went on in this 3-minute sequence ---> 1) Tom finding out his brother is being held hostage in Iraq; 2) Danny worrying about Jordan's baby, whom she has not felt kick in the last 24 hours; 3) Danny finding out and giving Matt advice on how to stop depending on drugs.

Now, I ask again for the nth time --- why don't a lot of people get the heart of this show?
[Emotion Meter: RIVETED. Me applauding. In front of TV. Looking like Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber]


And on On the Lot, these were my top 3 favorites from last week's challenge: direct a 1-minute comedy clip:

Danger Zone - Zack

Replication Theory - Sam

Getta Rhoom - Jason
[Emotion Meter: Love it. Love it]

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