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23 May 2007

The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Trailer

Coming this Fall, seen on Fox.

Synopsis: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES reveals what happens when Sarah stops running and goes on the offensive against an ever-evolving technological enemy bent on destroying her life, and perhaps the world. More from Wikipedia.

Yes, this is the TV version of Terminator although I have to say I wasn't so much into the movie. But with Summer Glau as The Terminator, I might just enjoy this.

The trailer looks okay:

Oh, and Sarah Connor is that Queen from the movie, 300.

Test-audience comment from Pilot Buzz: "This looks great. The pacing is good, the pilot is strong, the actors are all great for their parts. I wasn't sure where the writing could take the characters, and the people told us they were thinking about a new nemesis each week. That could work. I am exciting to watch this, and I wasn't even a fan of the Terminator movies."

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