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16 May 2007

ABC Upfront 2007-2008

What happens in an "Upfront"?
- It's a gathering between TV exces and Advertising execs.
- It's when TV Networks parade upcoming shows, in this case - Fall 2007-2008, to advertisers.
- It's when TV shows (old and new) are announced.

Yesterday was ABC's turn. And they say this is their new line-up for 2007-2008.

- Cashmere Mafia has a similar premise as NBC's Lipstick Jungle. I guess these two will be compared. And both will be compared to Sex and The City, I tell you.. Ugh, enough of SATC already!! (And yes, TVGuide has already started calling LJ the new SATC!) Ano ba yan. Tama na please.
- Private Practice is a go....go, Addie!!!
- I think I will like Women's Murder Club although test audience feedback says the show needs to be re-worked.
- Lost is not yet on the schedule. They plan to bring it back by January 2008 in succession, without breaks.
- I like NBC's new show line-up better.

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