03 September 2009

What's On Wednesday's TV Schedule Fall 2009?

Why is this day so busy?? It's going to be a full house every Wednesday nights, with plenty of the comedies (funny!) and young adult shows (fun!).
  • 8:00 Hank (ABC)/The Middle (ABC), The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)/Gary UnMarried (CBS), Mercy (NBC), So You Think You Can Dance (FOX), America’s Next Top Model (CW)
  • 9:00 Modern Family (ABC)/Cougartown (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS), Law & Order: SVU (NBC), Glee (FOX), The Beautiful Life: TBL (CW), Ghost Hunters (Syfy)
  • 10:00 Eastwick (ABC), CSI: NY (CBS), The Jay Leno Show (NBC), Nip/Tuck (FX)

Aside from SYTYCD's results night, Gary Unmarried is the other returning show I'm watching. Glee, The Beautiful Life and Cougar Town are the new ones I am really looking forward to seeing, I'm very excited for the three.

I'm gonna have to check out the fresh ones, of course ---
  • Hank - starring Kelsey Grammer. I'd always root for this guy even if he's in crappy shows
  • Mercy - hospital drama. Potentially another Grey's Anatomy. Ugh
  • The Middle - forgot who is in this one, Patty Heaton? The show they say is similar to Malcolm in the Middle, yeah?
  • Modern Family - like Brothers & Sisters, only a comedy.
  • Eastwick - this feels like Charmed, with older Halliwell girls.
It's Modern Family I'm liking best from these five new ones.