23 September 2009

Accidentally on Purpose Pilot Episode

What happened to Jenna Elfman? When did she lose her luster? She plays a 37 year old film critic in this new series, but darn it, she looks older. Once, in the 90's, she was cute as a button as Dharma on Dharma and Greg. Nearly a decade later and Jenna on Accidentally on Purpose as Billie? Not so cute. Not so funny.

Still, she has it going in the wardrobe department, I have to say. I remember Jenna/Dharma used to be featured a lot in the glossy's best-dressed list. I liked this outfit from last night. And this black vest she wore over a cool red/white shirt and black leggings while taking her pregnancy test (no good photo...only have a partial!). I was already making a mental note of copying this style mwehehe.

Anyway, about the show:

It will remind you of Knocked Up, 'except less funny (which is bad) and less annoying than something with Katherine Heigl in it (which is good).

Did not easily warm up to it, though. I thought the first half of the pilot was terrible, middle was okay, and then back to terrible at the end. Found some characters not really registering well on me, like the sister, Abby (get rid of her, please!), and the sperm daddy, Zack (meh). But God bless you, Ashley Jensen (playing Jenna's character's BFF) --- you are really amazingly funny! She is going to steal some of Jenna's thunder.

Accidentally on Purpose is about a woman in her late 30's who gets pregnant by a stranger (almost). She keeps the baby and then decides to also keep her boy toy (who's living in a van). They're not together "together", choosing to remain only platonic, after finding out they are about to be parents. But life should be interesting for these two people now raising a baby together.

I know this series will be compared to Courtney Cox's Cougar Town a lot. Which one will last the season, I wonder?

Accidentally On Purpose is based on real-life film critic Mary Pols' memoir as a single mother.