25 September 2009

Breaking: Cameron is Leaving House

In all honestly, I could actually go with the House that aired last premiere ('twas good TV, that!) and could care less about the rest....oh, as long as Wilson is still there.

This news from NY Daily:

Actress Jennifer Morrison is leaving the Emmy award winning show, according to EW.com.

Though neither Fox nor Morrison's reps would confirm the departure, EW.com reports the blonde beauty did not quit, but instead is likely being written out of the script as a creative

decision on the part of the producers.

Distraught fans might find some solace in the fact that Morrison's character, Dr. Alice Cameron - a main member of Dr. House's diagnostic team - will supposedly not be killed off the way Kutner (played by Kal Penn) was last season.

Additionally, inside sources say that Dr. Cameron's husband, Dr. Robert Chase (played by Jesse Spencer) will not be departing the cast, leaving plenty of room for suspicion about what's in store for both characters.

"House" devotees might recall that it was only a few months back that series creator David Shore told EW.com that "Chase and Cameron fans will be happy with the way we're going to reintegrate them into the team."

Even Morrison herself admitted that she was looking forward to the new season, telling EW. com, "I have been working a lot. And there are things that happen to 'House' very early in the season that have a domino effect on all of the other characters."

So much for that idea, it seems.

Season 6 of "House" premiered Monday on Fox, with House confined to a mental hospital for his Vicodin addiction and frequent hallucinations.