18 September 2009

How Do Rumors Get Started? The Office Season Premiere

Not one to be out of the loop, Michael, the big boss, gossips about Stanley's affair without first confirming it. When he found out it's actually true and could possibly ruin a marriage, he then spreads several other rumors to diffuse this truth.

Six seasons and The Office is still as funny as the first time! I'm so happy this show is back. So many things to love about Season 6 Episode 1:
  • Parkour!!!
  • Stanley totally going out of character. This is the most I've seen and heard of Stanley in all six seasons. So, he's not all about crossword puzzles. Does he actually have a relationship with Michael now? 
  • Andy. Andy was, as they always say, comedy gold. "Michael....am I gay?" His scenes about being conflicted of his sexuality were the funniest!
  • Michael's genius-stupid plan of diffusing the rumor he spread. Great idea, bad execution.
  • Baby Tuna's ultrasound photo. Aww.
  • The quibbling between PB & J while doing their talking heads. They're back to cute, people! Just love 'em.
  • Jim to Michael --- "Do you even know if it's true? Do you have any idea? Because you might be ruining his life."
  • Creed. One scene, one line, total crack-me-up!
  • The interns --- Jet Li, Julia Stiles and Alan Thicke! LOL. Although Alan Thicke looked more like Matt Damon to me, Michael.