07 September 2009

Go, Go Nora! [Brothers and Sisters S4 E1 Sneak Peek]

Someone asked me the other day when Brothers and Sisters is returning to television. When I asked why he wanted to know that, I was told it seems I needed my weekly dose of catharsis (my emotional release). He's partly right, though. With this show gone for like six months or so, I really was in need of my fix, especially when I've started looking for drama elsewhere. :P

There's still a three week wait till Brothers and Sisters is back. So, the sneak peeks will do for now.

I really enjoyed this one with Nora and Holly going at each other again. Go, Nora!!!

Saw the other preview with Kitty too. Am getting a vibe I'm going to relate so well and so close to this show this season so I've got to watch prepared with a box of tissue on hand!