26 September 2009

Flashforward Series Premiere

The whole population on Earth blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. While "asleep" the people get flashes of a future that takes place six months from now. Awake and fully aware of this cataclysmic event, some of them corroborated each other's visions, while others weren't so lucky to get one (which means they could already be dead in six months). Some found new life in what they "saw", others are mostly afraid of what the future holds. But the question remains --- why is this happening and what does it mean?

This is the incredible premise of Flashforward. It makes for a really good story, only if the writing is well executed. Sadly, for now, this is where I think the show is really weak. Maybe it was coz I had high expectations, but I was easily disappointed the first few minutes, waiting for awesome story-telling to win me over.

Although, I can name plenty of reasons to love Flashforward --- British actors Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger and Jack Davenport. Yeah, the cast list is impressive. Hope they won't be handicapped when the writing department needs to improve.

In the technical side of things, cinematography for this series is laudable. Shots are very beautiful and vibrant. But, I have to say, the show needs a decent soundtrack (which Lost has carefully mastered already) to help with the story-telling.

That moment of awesomeness came to me in the last few minutes of the program when the FBI discovered one guy in mysterious black trench coat (he had to be this awesome!) wandering about the football stadium as everyone dropped unconscious. If everyone in the world "fell like flies" for that short period, who and why is there one guy who remained fully awake the whole time??? And this is why I'm sticking around for more!

The NY MAG has rounded up most of the characters flashes to help understand the story better. Look it up here.