12 September 2009

The Vampire Diaries - Season Premiere

Dear Diary,

I had no intention of watching this. Even if I did, I was expecting to be disappointed. I do not like watching teenagers and their hormones, when it's not a light program or a comedy. But as it turns out, the premiere went a little bit okay. I am not enthused, only slightly amused (Thank you, Ian Somerhalder!) but I wouldn't be telling people not to watch this one because it's rubbish...when it isn't. It's bearable.

"The Vampire Diaries" is told pretty much the same way every other vampire story is told today. I'm not saying it's terrible and I'm not complaining. Only, if you're expecting a new and different vampire lore, then there is none to expect.

I never read the book (which this show was based on), nor do I follow "Twilight"... so I wouldn't know which is better or worse. But I do know that watching this reminded me too much of "Dawson's Creek", too.

I've warmed up to the lead female character, Elena (played by Nina Dobrey). She is refreshing to watch. But I sense the lead guy, Stefan (played by Paul Wesley), doesn't have quite the magnitude or effect as someone like...say, a certain Edward Cullen. Something feels lacking with his character...or with the actor playing him. Stefan was portrayed in the first few scenes as someone who could possible take your breath away. But I when I saw his face, I was still breathing fine....KWIM?

It is Damon, Stefan's brother (played by Ian Somerherald) who gets my strong approval. What can I say? Sexy bad boys are cliche, but they are such a turn on.

"The Vampire Diaries" did pretty alright for it's season premiere. No, actually...it did really well, earning the highest premiere record for The CW with 4.8 Million viewers (Gossip Girl and 90210 didn't win this much when its pilot episodes aired).

I'm gonna stick around a few more episodes to see if this is worth keeping watch over the whole season.

Best line, this episode...

Elena: For months people have been asking me that…if I'll be okay
Stefan: What do you tell them?
Elena: That I'll be fine.
Stefan: Do you mean that?
Elena: Ask me again tomorrow..

Here's a clip from the pilot: