12 September 2009

The Magic that is Glee!

Which of the following is true for you? You watch GLEE because...

  • You like music.
  • You like high school.
  • You like High School Musical.
  • You get the teenage vibe.
  • You want to relive your own teen vibe.
  • You remember how it was at your own Glee club.
  • It was nothing like the show, but...what a nice fantasy it would make.
  • You want to be entertained.
  • You want something light and funny.
  • You're the type to do a Showmance.
  • You are gay. (And that is fine!)
  • You are not gay but a guy's guy...you just enjoy the music. (Hey, I pitched this to some guys and asked them to watch...loved it!)

Whatever reasons you have underscored, all that Fox hoped for this show is working. "Glee" is fast becoming its new money-making machine and a lot of us are so sucked into watching it. I don't mind being that sucker. I'm having fun watching, thank you very much, Fox geniuses!

Sure, there are a few technical things to iron out (such as the lip synching, the editing, and the repetition) but I tend to overlook that once they get into the singing...

And the singing? It is grand. Not only do they pick great songs to cover, they sound pretty good too. I applaud every time, every number. Last episode, my favorite was Rachel's version of Rihanna's Take A Bow. It's theatrical and over-acted (and I love that it is!), but you can't fault her voice. She is wonderful:

I also took note of how no one is normal in this show! I love that many of the characters are all flawed, cartoonish and crazy. It also helps that they packed this show with wisecracks, clever double entendres and black humor. It all works out.

This brings me back to a time when "Pushing Daisies" first premiered...not many people liked it, some thought it was cheesy but to me it was magical and now, Glee feels the same way.

So very glad for shows like this! It makes me genuinely happy!