01 September 2009

They're hyping this as the next LOST

From what this teaser shows, it does seem something worthy of your viewing time. Well, okay...my viewing time at least. I got goosebumps watching it!

It's been called the next Lost. Clever marketing ploy. With Lost is on its last season, they instantly have this to fill the void. They've already got Penny in it! But you know what? There's always suckers like me who will believe the hype.

Is it going to be as confusing as Lost, though?

Goyer and Guggenheim say they are making the show as they want to, but their customized format — many character stories that wrap up in one episode, quick answers to major questions and a simplified but not dumbed-down mythology — also may make it appeal to a broader audience and casual viewers. "It's not that kind of show where if you don't catch it at the beginning you'll be lost," Vance says.

At the same time, more devoted fans will be rewarded with numerous little clues and hidden references. "You'll come across the true genius that is David Goyer, which is these Easter eggs," Fiennes says. "There's so much information that you could certainly go crazy trying to work it all out."

As another viewing incentive, Goyer promises to resolve virtually all questions raised in the pilot by this season's end. "We made the commitment very early on to answer some big questions and have some reveals very early. The audience will be surprised at some of the cards we turn over that early."

ABC has an interest in series that are "something epic in scope but also really emotional," network executive vice president Suzanne Patmore-Gibbs says. Characters must be at the core, she says, whether the serialized program is Lost,Grey's Anatomyor FlashForward. --- USA TODAY

Well, good. I guess. I don't think I would want to brain bleed anymore trying to figure out stuff like Lost drove me crazy.

Series Premiere: Thursday, September 24th, 2009. 8/7c on ABC.