24 September 2009

Modern Family, Cougar Town, Glee & Gary Unmarried Premieres

So overwhelmed with Wednesday's TV line up...too exhausted to post per show watched. In putting my .02cents in, I'm doing this bullet style instead.

Modern Family, Pilot Episode
- Liking that it is done mockumentary style.
- Like that this is really a reflection of what a typical family is these days.
- Ty Burrel as the oblivious father? Most hilarious character.
- When a family schedules when they can shoot their son as a form of punishment (he shot his sister with a pellet gun; an eye for an eye)... it has to be the funniest!
- Too many stars from previously cancelled shows ended up in this one.
- Big, big cast but no problem with chemistry. Likeable, all....every bit of them, including the kids.
- "Circle of Life"? Crazy.
- Really liked it but I have a funny feeling it's not going to be well-received by the mainstream audience. Still too offbeat, me thinks.

Cougar Town, Pilot Episode
- First 10 minutes had me. The voices inside my head were screaming "Emmy for Courtney!"
- Then it went downhill. Felt like the first half of this was laid out perfectly, the other half was so crammed it was uneven. I think I remember reading somewhere they had to re-tool the pilot? Guess too many changes spoiled it.
- Love the mother/son dynamic. Love that kid who plays her son (from Aliens in America).
- Actually...love every bit of the characters, including the ex-husband.
- Hope it finds its direction because it is potentially funny.

Glee, Episode 4: Preggers
- Favorite moment of the week video, I could not stop grinning while watching this:

Gary Unmarried, Season 2 Premiere
- I actually missed this show and was glad it's back. Not watching it? Try it. Witty lines.
- The brother is a regular now?
- New job for Gary, so new characters from work, too? And possibly a new girlfriend? This is getting interesting!
- The actor playing the son is going to be the future Neil Patrick Harris. He's comedic timing is perfect and he's only about 14 (15?).