03 October 2009

Regular programming will be back...soon, I hope!

Couldn't, as yet, go back to regular programming, folks. My connection online is temporarily sloooooow, as service in our area is still being restored (no thanks to tropical storm Ondoy!).

The last new show I've seen before calamity struck our place was Eastwick --- which I loved. Have prepared something to write about it afterwards, which I was supposed to be posting before blackout affected our area. Anyway, here's what I was supposed to share ---

Expected so little from this TV adaptation of an 80's film (starring Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon & Michelle Pfeifer). The reviews for it have been unkind. But I think I've become one of the few who actually found the TV series entertaining (starring Paul Gross, Rebecca Romjin, Lindsay Price & Jamie Ray Newman).

KorbiTV calls it Desperate Housewitches. I can't think of a better monicker. It does have that quaint Desperate Housewives feel. But throw in a little of Charmed's darkness…and you have a show so entertaining, with a lot of potential.

Paul Gross as the devil does decently. He's going to be compared big time to Jack Nicholson but I think he does alright. Sometimes, he even sounds like Nicholson.

The three ladies, who in the premiere have yet to discover their power, have a wonderful chemistry. Their characters are pretty standard and unoriginal, but I've easily fallen in love with them….Lindsay Price, especially (who I liked very much in Lipstick Jungle). Even Sara Rue (who play's Price's best friend) is a joy to watch.

It's light and fluffy, this series…which I think presents a good option for us viewers since most other programs falling in their time slot are so serious.

Anyhow, I'm missing tons of shows from last week and I expect to be missing a lot more. :( I am so bummed.

In the meantime, and as I wait for our high-speed connection restoration, I've been watching Dollhouse's first season. I know I said I didn't like it the first time I watched it. And I truly had to patiently sit through a couple more episodes to warm up to it. But, after watching Season 1 over the week, I have to say that it improved and got better and better. Joss Whedon? Still a genius!

I also finished Drop Dead Diva, another show I said I could't stand watching longer the first time. Glad I sat through that, too. The final episode for the first season had me considerably entertained.

I am also following up on Greek Season 3 and Raising The Bar Season 1. If am going to stay offline for a longer time, then I have five seasons of The Wire to finally start gorging into.

Oh, and I am dropping Vampire Diaries from my list. It's an okay show...but really not for me.