07 December 2007

What USA 2008 Presidential Candidates like to watch

TV Guide asked these presidentiables what TV shows they're into. And I can't help but notice how much this saying is true: YOU ARE WHAT YOU WATCH. Because at least three or four of them look like characters on their favorite TV show; while one can pass off as a Late Night Talk Show host. And Fred Thompson --- isn't he actually a TV actor?

Hillary Clinton
All Time Favorite: Ed Sullivan Show
Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars

Barack Obama
SpongeBob SquarePants (to watch with his daughters)
All Time Favorite: M*A*S*H and The Wire

John McCain
Prison Break

John Edwards
Boston Legal, Law & Order

Dennis Kucinich
The Tonight Show, Late Show, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report
and Saturday Night Live

Mitt Romney

Fred Thompson