15 December 2007

The X Factor UK - Rhydian

I think I haven't made an entry for this year's X Factor competition, have I? The talent show, headed by Simon Cowell, is on its fourth season in the UK. Shayne Ward started here and although he isn't quite popular in the Philippines, he's pretty well-known in some parts of Asia.

The X Factor also discovered Leona Lewis, who Simon says is going to be the next Mariah Carey. Nearing her first year as a professional recording artist, Leona is making a name in the UK....the rest of the world will come in the future.

This year's competition featured a guy with a unique vocal timbre --- Rhydian. He is classically trained but he's doing his best dishing out contemporary songs. When he first auditioned, he was this cocky bloke who thought he was God's gift to the show. And you know what? I wasn't so impressed by his attitude at first, but as the weeks progressed he has proven himself to be humble performer and showed me why he had the right to brag about his singing ability.

Here's why:

"Phantom of the Opera"

"You Raised Me Up"

"Bridge Over Troubled Waters"

Last Saturday, the contestants were down to three (from originally 12) and of course Rhydian was in it. The grand finals is tonight and If I were the lone judge, it's no contest. He will definitely win it over the competition.