27 December 2007

Here come the new TV shows for 2008!

Cashmere Mafia
  • Premieres Jan 6
  • Based on the book by Candice Bushnell, the creator of "Sex and the City"
  • Will it give Gossip Girl a run for most fashionable show on TV? Or is it Desperate Women in the Workplace? Or SATC2.0 or 10.0 judging by how many times every other show became "like Sex and the City"

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Breaking Bad
  • Premieres Jan 20
  • From the people who gave us XFiles. Although this isn't anything sci-fi, "Breaking Bad" means someone has reached a turning point and became far worse than he already is. Maybe it's like that movie, "Falling Down"? Stars that henpecked dad from "Malcolm In The Middle". Imagine him becoming bad?

In Treatment
  • Premieres Jan. 28
  • Stars Gabriel Byrne as a psychotherapist. Reminds me of the short-lived series Huff.
  • Adapted from an Israeli TV Series.

Eli Stone
  • Premieres Jan. 31
  • From the same people who gave us "Brothers & Sisters" and "Dirty Sexy Money".
  • I've already watched the pilot, giggled at some scenes, I quite enjoyed it. I will definitely be tuning to this one.

Welcome to The Captain
  • Premieres Feb 4
  • From the teasers alone, I think I'm also going to follow this.

Lipstick Jungle
  • Premieres Feb. 7
  • The other series that's similar to Cashmere Mafia (see first video). But between the two, I prefer CM over this.

  • Premieres Feb 18
  • It's a show for this generation of bloggers, video bloggers and social networking on the internet. It's not a gadget or tech show, make no mistake.

New Amsterdam
  • Premieres Feb 22
  • See my mini-review here.

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