27 December 2007

My Top List for 2007

After providing you all those Top TV 2007 links from credible reviewers in my past entries, it's now my turn. I am in no means credible as they are and there are so much more shows I need to check (but I've been lazy to do so) but indulge me please. :)

It has not been a banner year for TV this season and for me personally, as I've said this a couple of times before --- I have been hating 2007. It's been bad, yes. But there's also a tiny glimmer of hope and sunshine every now and then. It's the same for some of the shows I have watched this year....that tiny glimmer of hope and sunshine.

On hindsight, I think I would remember this year and this season best. Mostly because of the things I had to weather through (life-lessons learned) and the shows TV had to offer (short as the are, they were some of the best shows I've watched in a while).

On with the recognition...

Best Reality Series: The Amazing Race. The show is still doing it for me after a dozen installments. With some reality shows, I'd just as soon walk away from it because it has become predictable and, well, scripted in a way. Not so with TAR, which promises and consistently brings something different every time. This current season run has also been great for the show, as it earns one of its highest rated episodes ever (Season Premiere for TAR 12).

Guilty Pleasure: Big Brother And I'm not talking about the Pinoy Edition...because that, I had given up. I'm referring to the crazy edition that is Big Brother USA 8 last summer. Watching people connive against each other is a form of escapism, which is what the show promotes. I will and cannot ever do that in real life. But on TV, as bad as this may sound, I enjoy real people doing it...and for what? Money!! It's the lowest form of entertainment, but 7-8 Million people find something amusing in that. I'm glad I'm not inside the house but I'm equally thrilled people go crazy in there.

Best Comedy: It's a triple tie!
  • The Office - this season wasn't there best but having to dissect through each episode for Watchingtheoffice makes me appreciate it more than usual.
  • Samantha Who? - it's a surprise hit and surprisingly very funny
  • Ugly Betty - its second season has edged over the first, and save for annoying Betty, I'm enjoying everyone else's part in this series.
Runner-Up: 30 Rock - when people said last year it was like Arrested Development, I couldn't see the comparison. Now I do.

A comedy I could not undertand: Flight of Conchords - I tried to get pass two episodes at least. I just don't get it. Is the singing supposed to be funny? It made me sleep, really.

Best Drama: Brothers and Sisters - hands-down. A sappy family drama that manages to produce some clever writing in there. Sure it borders on daytime soap almost (that's like telenovela for us here ---- incredible story lines and all that drama) but I need that kind of drama once in a while.

  • Lost - the ending made me get up my seat and wail, "Noooooo!"
  • I would've picked Friday Night Lights but I haven't been so invested in it like last season. It's still a good show, though and I remain a regular viewer. But there's just something missing. Maybe after the strike, I'll find what I'm looking for in it.
Best New Series: Pushing Daisies. I have ran out of adjectives to praise it.

  • Chuck - I'm glad I invested in it, because the show got better and better with each episode
  • Dirty Sexy Money - here's another family story that is a cross between Brothers and Sisters/Arrested Development. What's not to love about that?
  • Burn Notice - Like Samantha Who? I was mighty surprised at how entertaining this show was. I welcome it's return in mid-2008.
Wishing it bars up: Life - I enjoy the series, I love Damian Lewis (haaaay....). But as with any procedural crime series, I would memorize the sequence and routine by now. Although, that isn't so bad since it's the same feeling I have for House. And to this day, I still love that show.

Worth Checking Out:
  • Greek - an entertaining college comedy
  • Damages - with Glenn Close. Glenn Close is enough reason to watch it.
Will watch again before 2008 is here:
  • Mad Men - I think I stopped watching after episode four. I think I got insulted at how they treated women...can't remember exactly. But I'm convinced to give it another try after reading all those reviews and praises.
I have watched too much TV in 2007!

Andy Barker, PI
Big Shots
Dresden Files
Grease, You're the One I Want
In Case of Emergency
Knights of Prosperity
On The Lot
Painkiller Jane
Pinoy Big Brother Season 2
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
The Black Donnelly's
The Class
The Job
The Kill Point
The Wedding Bells

American Dad
America's Next Top Model
Family Guy
Late Night With Conan O' Brien
Project Runway
That 70's Show
The Late Show with David Letterman
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Without A Trace

Aliens in America
America's Most Smartest Model
Big Brother Aus
Big Brother UK
Bionic Woman
Creature Comforts
Criminal Minds
Dr. Who
Flight of Conchords
Gossip Girl
Kyle XY
October Road
Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2
Prison Break

30 Rock
American Idol
Australian Idol
Back To You
Battlestar Gallactica
Big Brother US
Brothers & Sisters
Everybody Hates Chris
Friday Night Lights
Grey's Anatomy
House, MD
How I Met Your Mother
Kid Nation
Last Comic Standing
My Name Is Earl
Private Practice
Pushing Daisies
Robin Hood
The Amazing Race
The Big Bang Theory
The Office
The Riches
The Shield
Ugly Betty
My Boys
Mad Men

So, how were the shows you've watched this year?