26 December 2007

More TV Top 10 for 2007

  • Spent the most part of Christmas rewatching episodes of Band of Brothers. With all the shows I could choose to watch and catch-up on, my holiday spirit beckons I should watch this series again. It's been six years but I still am in awe of its beautiful story. And I've been crushing on Damien Lewis big time, hah!
  • Watched the pilot episode of Eli Stone. Its got that Ally McBeal feel to it. Not as wacky but definitely funnier. When it's going to air on TV isn't set yet. But I would wait in anticipation for succeeding episodes. I couldn't get that George Michael song off my head either.
And on to more important things: the Top TV List gathered from all over the net. Hover on the listed entries to follow:

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(not much new shows from her, though)

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Most common on all those list? MAD MEN.