14 December 2007

Almost done...

Site changes are nearly complete. I stayed up till 2 AM last night, figuring out what I really want for this blog. And then woke up at 5 AM, still without any direction.

I wish I could stick with my aqua green theme, but it just doesn't work with this template. I've decided to keep it plain and simple with the color. For whatever reason, I am partial to a lot of browns lately. Brown is the color of poverty, LOL....and with Christmas depleting most of my cash flow, I'm definitely in that state right now. Then again, brown is the color of the earth....which is actually my element. :)

I'm trying to come up with a newspaper feel for this site, with the photos and the ads providing the loud colors, while everything else is basic and subdued. Are you getting that vibe?

I'm still not done....working on a good lay-out. As if there's still so much more I can do here. Darn free blog host! I've got 690+ post on this blog. It's too difficult to migrate to another server now.

Keep tuned in...