01 December 2007

NBC's Line Up in January

Strike update first: Talks between the writers and the studios last Monday, Nov. 26, failed to meet an agreement. The offer given to the writers has been refused by WGA members. There will be another round of talks this Monday. But I've lost hope that this strike will be over by December. :( They just can't agree!!

So, as the episodes of our favorite shows are dwindling down, programming changes are inevitable. Come January, here's the line-up from NBC....and it mostly consist of freakin' Reality TV! >:(

American Gladiators - Mondays
  • Celebrating the everyday, true American heroes -- weekend warriors who excel and take pride in their physical fitness -- contestants will go up against the show's gladiators, charismatic and eclectic warriors -- in the ultimate David & Goliath battle

The Biggest Loser - Tuesdays
  • The fifth cycle of "The Biggest Loser" will feature an all-new twist that will heighten the emotion and tension in the competition. For the first time ever in the history of the show, the excitement will double - it's couples!
Celebrity Apprentice - Thursdays

1 vs. 100 - Fridays
  • Season two of NBC's popular game show "1 vs 100," hosted by comedian Bob Saget ("America's Funniest Home Videos," "Full House"), will kick-off with its biggest game yet -- a themed "Battle of the Sexes" episode - where one women will compete against 100 men and one man vs. 100 women to determine who's the smarter sex?

"We're kicking off the New Year with a bang," said Plestis. "With the adrenaline rush of 'Gladiators,' a brand-new twist on 'Biggest Loser,' the first million dollar winner on '1 vs 100' and the wildest boardrooms ever seen on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' NBC has a lot of excitement in store for reality fans in 2008."

Celebrity Apprentice is taking over The Office's time slot. :( I'm already experiencing withdrawals from The Office. Been watching Season 1 episodes and I've even been hooked on the The Office computer game via MSN!