10 December 2007

Journeyman's journey ends?

Thanks to the strike, I was able to catch up on some of my backlogs and last night finished the remaining episodes I have of Journeyman.

The good news is, the show was able to surpass my expectations. If there's one thing about this season, it's that most new shows this year have fairly good stories to deliver. And in the case of Journeyman, it's not just about episodic time-travel stories. The heart of the show lies in the unraveling of the mystery to his "condition" --- how it affects the people around him and how they are able to heal from the situation, whether they actually recover from it at all.

The bad news is --- this might be it for Journeyman. As much as it is an engaging drama series, it fails to get an audience. Strike or no strike, the series is hanging by a thin rope and might not get a full season order. Episode 10, in fact, was carefully wrapped up, with a conclusion that seems to provide some answers just in case it doesn't get renewed.

If you're loving Journeyman and would like to see it get its fair share, there's an ongoing petition to save the show. It worked for Jericho, so there's no saying it won't work for this one.