21 April 2007

Painkiller Jane

Based on a comic book with the same name, Painkiller Jane stars Terminator's Kristanna Loken. I am not familiar with the comic book, nor the other productions before it (there was supposed to be a movie before this).

But I saw a lot of similarities of this TV show in:
  • X-files
  • Alias
  • Bionic Woman
  • Wolverine
  • Other shows that require characters to be "pre-conditioned" to think
and this, like Heroes:

my comic strip!

Mohinder 2.0 even talks like Mohinder. Hehehe!

Synopsis (c/o Wikipedia):

The series stars Loken as Jane Vasco, the titular character. She begins as a DEA agent, where in the course of her work she encounters Andre McBride, who is the leader of a team of agents working for an unspecified government agency. She is forced to join the team after she probes "too far" into their operations. It is then revealed that the team's mission is to identify and neutralize "neuros" — "neurological aberrants" — human mutants with supernormal mental powers.

During the pilot episode, Vasco discovers that she, too, has superhuman abilities — supernormal recuperative powers bordering on invulnerability. This is realized when she is pushed from a forty story window to her apparent death, only to later revive and then recover completely. However, she still feels the pain of her injuries before they heal. The team's doctor, Carpenter, identifies her abilities as not like those of the neuros they track, but "something else".
Jane (or Kristanna Loken) kicks butt.

The show on the other hand needs to, uhh, butt-flex or something, it doesn't have a tight story just yet. (Get it? Butt = tight. Tight butt. Kicks butt. Ah, forget it!)

Painkiller Jane
Season 1
Original Airing: April 13, 2007
Network: Sci-Fi Channel (on American Cable)