06 April 2007


I just discovered I placed this on my profile:

I am 250 years old! Hahaha! No wonder my vision's kinda blurry. :D *edits done* There, it reflects my real age now. :)

Yes, that's how old I really am. 33. Old enough to know I cannot make excuses for sometimes acting and thinking stupid things. And yet I still do! LOL! Not so old enough to claim I know things. I just know a few things. I know I can speak about a few things.

Sucks to be 33. Jesus was 33 when he died. And coincidentally, that's today.



Saw House earlier. The episode was, as usual, great.... but I'm so distracted by this girlie crush I have on Hugh Laurie, *heart* *heart* Bwahaha! So leave me be and let me just daydream for awhile. And if I restore my brain function, I might just talk about the episode. :) But, really, I'd rather dream of Hugh..... *heart* *heart* ulit!

Watch the latest episode of The Shield, Season 6 - Finished half of it last night, hindi ko na kinaya, felt sleepy
Watch the first 3 episodes of Tudors
Watch the latest episode of Andy Barker PI
Watch the latest episode of FNL
Watch the latest episode of 30 Rock
Watch the latest episode of The Office
Watch the latest episode of In Case of Emergency

Watch the latest episode of The Riches
Catch up on :
- 6 Episodes of 24 Season 6
- 6 Episodes of Prison Break Season 2
- 6 Episodes of Lost, Season 3

Alright..... based on this list, I ought to be heading off to catch up on my TV Watching. I have this thing, this OC need for finishing tasks, even the unimportant ones. When I see a list, it has to be crossed off!

So off I go now!