18 April 2007

Dharma & Mom

Look who came to see the Walkers in Brothers & Sisters!

It's Dharma! And Dharma's....err..mom-in law. :-/ Except that in this show, they play mother and daughter.

It's uncanny how B&S have casted these two former family members from the show Dharma and Greg :
  • Jenna Elfman: plays Lizzy, the Walker's childhood playmate, about Kitty's (Calista Flockheart) age, now pregnant with her 5th child (Kitty has 0 children) and is happily married to Ken, Kitty's former high school boyfriend. Haha!
  • Susan Sullivan: plays Miranda Jones, mother of Lizzy and 4 other kids (just like Norma Walker, mother of 5 children). On Dharma and Greg, by the way, Susan Sullivan's character was named Kitty!
And as their family name implies (Jones), the Walkers have to always "keep up with the Joneses"! That phrase was never so true in this episode of Brothers and Sisters, as they (Walkers) decide to hold Game Night, a tradition they shared with their neighbors back in the old days. A tradition which has turned into a serious competition, to prove who exactly is the better family.

This short recap from TWoP:
Tonight's A plot is, of course, Game Night. The Walkers have a Game Night rivalry -- and I mean a rivalry; both families have jerseys, and there's a trophy involved -- with the Jones family. The Jones family is, as one Walker puts it, "the bizarro Walkers," with five grown kids the same ages as the Walker siblings (the Kitty analog, Lizzie, is played quite hilariously by Jenna Elfman), and the competition is as fierce and passive-aggressive as you'd expect.

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Brothers & Sisters
Season 1 Episode 19 - Game Night
Original Airing: April 15, 2007
Network: ABC