15 April 2007


What do you get when you create a TV show that has the mysterious elements of Lost and the excitement of The Amazing Race? Except that in the case of this TV show, if and when a racer comes in last, the losing player would still receive a penalty in a form of elimination --- not his, but someone else's. The losing player would have to eliminate another player by killing him or doing something illegal.

Start your engines...it's time to watch Drive.

I know I know, it does sound preposterous and absurd. But with the kind of shows we are offered today, where absurdity is most likely one of the main ingredients, the concept of this show shouldn't be surprising. And especially not when this series is from Fox (the TV network to bring you some of the most absurd storylines ever --- e.g. 24 and Prison Break).

Here's the gist of Drive:
A group of contestants--some of them coerced--compete in an illegal, mysterious, cross-country road race for a $32 million prize.
How much is it like Lost? Well, here's one dialogue between two of the characters:

Mysterious Girl: I heard stories, rumors of how they actually coerced people into playing, never actually believed it.
Alex (Nathan Fillon): Who are THEY?
Mysterious Girl: No one knows, no one asks, they make it so you don't ask.

They were instructed not to tell the police and they were probably threatened with everything you can imagine. They really had no choice, it seems.

How much of it is like The Amazing Race? Well, aside from the fact that they do have to avoid coming in last, at the end of each race, someone greets them at the pit stop. And he's no Phil Koeghan.

He's like the corporate mascot or something. And there are plenty of "THEM" mingling with the racers, serving as the eyes and ears for the people behind this race.

Other interesting characters include:

The Half-Brothers (reminds me of Scofield and Linc, actually)

The gang from Clueless :)

Lindsay Lohan and Dad (haha!)

The Desperate Housewife, who had the unfortunate luck of coming in last in the first pitstop, so now she's tasked to kill someone (for $32Million, and the fact that THEY might threaten to take away her newborn).

Drive comes to TV as a replacement to Prison Break which just ended their 2nd Season. With two episodes already out for Drive, I'm sticking around for more. Give it a shot, Fox!

Season 1
Original Airing: April 15, 20007
Network: Fox