07 April 2007

Peabody Awards Winners

The following were chosen by Peabody as this season's best TV shows:

  • Brotherhood, Showtime
    Uniformly splendid acting and a strong sense of place characterize this serial drama about two Providence, R.I. brothers, a rising politician and a smalltime gangster, and their morally compromised pursuits of the American dream.
  • Scrubs, NBC
    A sweet-and-pungent "Wizard of Oz" parody was just one testimonial to the continuing creative vigor, six seasons into its run, of Bill Lawrence`s hellzapoppin` comedy about the staff of a Los Angeles hospital.
  • Ugly Betty, ABC
    Inspired by an internationally popular telenovela, this Americanized version defies category. It`s part comedy, part drama, part soap opera, part fashion-industry satire – but is unmistakably graced with wry intelligence and heart.
  • Friday Night Lights, NBC
    No dramatic series, broadcast or cable, is more grounded in contemporary American reality than this clear eyed serial about the hopes, dreams, livelihoods and egos intertwined with the fate of high-school football in a Texas town.
  • The Office, NBC
    This American adaptation of the Peabody-winning British hit of the same title -- a comedy of workplace manners and politics presented in faux documentary form -- has firmly established its own precise voice and studied brilliance.

I only have one question to ask..... What?? No HOUSE?! >:(