08 April 2007


I wish I had a phone with 3G, but this entry isn't about that. :D My 3Gs consist of literally, three G's --- Giving Up, Goodbye's & Getting to Know.

I've decided I will stop watching...
- Andy Barker, PI: I tried to like the show because this was Conan O'Brien's production. He was behind it and if you're a regular at this blog, you know that I love the Cone Zone. But, Andy Barker, sadly, I cannot love. The show is a bore-fest. Andy Barker is Funny's cousin, Not Funny (copyright Monica Chander, Friends).
- The Riches: Save for Eddie Izzard, who I think is someone who should be given other shows on TV, I couldn't also seem to love The Riches, after 3-4 viewings. Alright, the premise is interesting, in that really odd way. But it just got sooooo odd that it started losing me. I saw shades of Weeds in the show, and I would much rather watch Weeds instead of this.

- The Wedding Bells: The show will only last 6 episodes, Fox has decided to axe it. And that was bound to happen, the show did not exactly start in the right footing. What surprises me about it though was that, for all it's cliches, I was beginning to enjoy the show. LOL!
- The Sopranos: It's final season will begin in a couple of days. There will be 9 episodes for this and thereafter, the mob family will finally disappear with the fishes. I could say I'd be missing it, but I'm one of those who think this show should already end. In honor of one of the best shows on TV, later today, I will be watching my favorite Sopranos episode on DVD, Season 3's Pine Barrens.
- Friday Night Lights: For the time being at least, until they return for another season (and I don't think I've heard anything yet...did I miss the announcement?). This week will be their last episode for Season 1.

- Wonderfalls: It's an old TV Series from 2003, one that Star World even aired early last year. I was able to catch some episodes but didn't realize there were several episodes more I've missed.
- Drive: It starts in a week. I cannot wait!