07 April 2007

My Top 5 TV Girls

It's list time!

I have come to realize that unlike movies, challenging roles for women on TV are still limited. At least from the ones I've been watching. The women are usually characterized as the weaker sex or just the second fiddle to the leading man, with their neurosis and insecurities, and this insentient need to find the answers to what is wrong with them or with their life.

But, all the same, I've had the great pleasure of knowing some very interesting women of TV for this season. Women who, in some ways, I've found bits and pieces of myself in their characters.

Girl power, Top 5:

At #5
Jenna Fisher
as Pam Beesly
The Office
Can be seen via Star World or JackTV

Her Ganda Points: Sense of Humor. Quick-witted and smart. Very Pretty.

I like the character, Pam, because she's a very basic, the no-fuss type. And yet she commands the people around her, without them realizing it. She's nice but naughty. She's very confident in that non-threatening way.

I also enjoy the rapport between her and her Boss, wherein sometimes, she thinks better than her Boss.

I relate to the love story angle the show has given her character.

At #4
Amanda Peet
as Jordan McDeere
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Can be seen via ETC 2nd Ave.

Her Ganda Points: Sense of Humor. Brains. Beauty. Balls.

As the President of a TV Network, it's hard to be in Jordan McDeere's shoes. But she makes it look easy. In the process, Jordan has even gotten pregnant and has fallen in love.

Women executive types appeal to me because I have this thing for control (hehe!). Plus Amanda Peet characterizes her in a way that she's not the bitchy boss in the office, in fact, she's the boss-friend.

She also makes surprising decisions, which fortunately for her, always works. Like I said, the women has balls. I wish I had half that guts.

At #3
Sally Field
as Nora Walker
Brothers & Sisters
Can be seen soon via Studio23

Her Ganda Points: Very motherly. Very concerned. Very...all over the place. :D

What can I say about Nora Walker? She's such a crazy character, someone I imagine I would be when I turn 50. Mother of 5, devoted housewife, she tries to be friends with her kids but they still see her as mom. And sometimes she carries mothering too far and treats them like babies, even as they have their own problems to fix.

Nora is full of drama. Normally, I'd be miffed with people like that. But because I can relate to the drama of her life, being a dotting, meddling mom like her :D, I feel the things she goes through. I feel it when she cries or when she's happy.

Yup, that would be me. I'd be Nora Walker when I'm 50.

At #2
Connie Britton
as Tami Taylor
Friday Night Lights
Can be seen via ETC

Her Ganda Points: She's Nora Walker-lite. :) Has a sexy body. Has a sexy mind.

I like how Tami is such a strong character and yet not so strong that she overpowers her husband. I like that she can stand beside her husband, let him be the star and support him, while she does very wonderful things herself.

I like the way she reads people and as her character is a high school guidance counselor, I like the manner in which she imparts her advice to the kids. I like her understanding nature.

I envy her beautiful body! LOL! I have nothing like that body! And I like her thick southern drawl.

At #1
Kate Walsh
as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery
Grey's Anatomy (and soon, Private Practice)
Can be seen via Star World and Studio23

Her Ganda Points: Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

I admit I have a crush on her. She's so stunning.

Her character is also something else. Well-bred, well-educated, well-rounded, but there's no arrogance about her.

What's interesting is she's also very flawed and makes no qualms about her flaws. This gives Addison's character some depth and room for improvement.

She's perfect in that not so perfect way, so very human.

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