19 April 2007

I interrupt the program...for the funnies!


Tawa muna tayo...Good ol' Pinoy Humor...something inspired me to do this entry tonight.

Anyway, sometime last year when the hubby was still learning his way into photography, he decided to hop into our car and head to the outskirts of Antipolo with my son and I. Someone told him there was a beautiful landscape out there. And while that is true, we discovered something even more interesting.....

I think the Fab Five of the Future will come from this school.


And I just had to color the words Fab Five in fabulous furfle (purple) for emphasis, ano ha? I actually miss the Fab Five. I mean, I watch their show on ETC, but those episodes are still from 2005, I think.

Anyway, not very far from Cabading is this school:

Alright. If you can't hack it at Queer Academy, maybe you're more the tambay-sa-kanto type? Tagay na!

By the way, the Antipolo outskirts is actually so provincial --- no cellphone signal, no Meralco lamp post, no other cars on the road except ours, people live in nipa huts, merong palayan na may kalabaw. Yes, it will remind you too much of this: Colin & Christie on TAR (My Ox is broken!). And I was so in the "Magtanim ay di biro...." mode the whole trip. I actually liked the feeling. Simple living.


Yesterday, I was visiting a friend in Marikina and saw something that was really quite funny. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture it on my phone cam. [Tsk! Maybe next week.]

It was a campaign banner of Prospero Pichay, the guy running for senator, whose slogan is "Itanim sa Senado" (Pichay=petchay, the vegetable you plant =itamin). But that's not the funny part.

Beside Pichay's banner was another banner of a local boy running for Councilor. He goes by the name - Boy Bolok. Okay, you can laugh a little now. It's hilarious how someone is named this way! Tunog graduate ng Inuman Elementary School eh. Haha! But that is still not the funny part.

With their banners beside each other, it read like this:

Itanim sa Senado | Bolok

Now that's funny!


Speaking of political campaigns. You know what my favorite political ad is? I was hoping to get one on YouTube but it's not there yet. It's actually the ad for Tito Sotto and it's not that annoying taxi lady, but the one with Vic & Joey walking from the backstage to the front of the Studio, with Tito Sotto following them at the end.

It reminded me a lot of the directing style of TV director Tommy Schlamme, who is known for this "walk and talk":

[Schlamme] developed the “walk and talk” on Sports Night and then mastered it on The West Wing. The shot—which features two or more actors moving from one location to another on the set, often from one office to another via a hallway—has become a Schlamme signature.
Schlamme's signature style is also very, very, very evident on Studio 60. -> I miss this show!


And with this, I now close this entry with this cute smiley I found while looking for smiley's:

^ This little guy reminds me of Conan O'Brien:

Love it.