11 April 2007

Weeds on ETC 2nd Ave

This was the show I was talking about in one of my previous posts --- WEEDS. ETC 2nd Ave is bringing it on Pinoy Cable.

What's interesting about it? It's quirky. It's like Desperate Housewives, with pot. And really, there IS pot! The main character is a suburban mom, who sells weeds for a living. She has to, it pays all the bills so she can keep living in their nice house without her kids having to make sacrfices. She has guidelines for selling though, she sells only to those who can afford to pay and no kid clients.

I actually only saw Season 1 sometime 2005, when it first aired. But I haven't been able to follow up on Season 2. Season 3 begins this Summer in the States.

And to see just how quirky it is, here's the opening sequence of a Weeds episode: