22 December 2006

My Top 5 Moments on TV

Before anything else, I had quite a moment the other day. I wasn't able to use the computer or watch TV for several hours because of severe eyestrain. Fearing I'd go blind, I had to rest and shut my eyes and just contend with listening to music... for a whole day. It killed me to not be able to do anything else.

Hubby was out that day and I had my son to take care of me. Once in a while I'd sneak and log in to the internet (matigas ulo ko eh!) and I'd get a stern reprimand from my 9year old.

My visit to the eye doctor is looooong overdue. My eye sight has never been 20/20 to begin with (TV watcher since I can master turning the TV knob on as a child!) and it got worse when I had a baby. I know I need to wear glasses. I did as a child and used to wear one as a fashion statement. (Dork!)

When I got older, I decided I could live with being unable to see clearly, since I realized glasses were distracting (for one thing, it felt like I still had them on when I'm sleeping and I keep brushing my face with my hand to check) and I have to change them every XXX years.

Sporting old focals (still not wanting to go to the eyedoctor, I know, I know I'll have to get to that soon!), I'm back to abusing my eyesight.

Anyway, this was in my draft a few days ago. It's time I publish it:


Brothers & Sisters
... or the fact that I found this show, started watching it I've been crying on each episode since.

Justin: You know what that means in this family? It means you suck, it means nothing you do will be good enough!
Kevin: Get in the car!
Mother: Oh, you ungrateful child! You don't care anyone but yourself, how did you get the way? [cries] You know what losing your father has done to me. And yet you take your life and throw it around like it was worthless....why???
Justin: I wish I was dead. Don't you understand that, I wish I died over there Mom!
Mother: Well you didn't die. And I'll be damned if I stand around and watch you kill yourself!
Kitty: Enough, enough Mom.

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Studio 60 Pilot Episode
where Jordan McDeer shows why she's boss...

Jordan: You know what this is? It's the sketch that got cut. I just read it and I thought it was inspired and I am not really an expert. Matt, read it and tell me what you think..
Matt: No, I'm not gonna read it.
Jordan: Just read it and tell me if it should have gone on the air.
Matt: I don't need to read it.
Jordan: Matt ---
Danny: He doesn't need to read it.
Jordan: Why?
Matt: Because I wrote it....four years ago. Shortly before I apparently quit.
Jordan: I know. [pause] Alright so you want me to prove it? Here's my first try. Open with it next week. [cue music, Queen's Under Pressure, Jordan steps away.]
Danny: You gotta give her style for that.
Matt: Yeah...

I still get all worked up watching that scene. That was darn good.

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The Office
Season 2 Season Ender
... where Jim kisses Pam

And now they're just pretending it didn't happen. Expectedly this love affair will take awhile to unfold (as the original British version did) and I just can't wait anymore!!!

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The X-Factor Season 3
Ray Quinn sings My Way

Of all singing contests I've been watching, I do not expect to be putting this on my Top list. But as it turns out, this was the one single moment in any singing competition for this year, where I was very, very moved by the performance.

Ray, by the way, made it to Top 2. And lost to a Mariah Carey sounding Leona (same curly hair as Mariah circa early 90's too!)

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24 Season 5
...where President Palmer is assassinated in the series' opening first five minutes

Nobody expected it. Which is what makes 24 click. Anyone can go at anytime (except Jack Bauer of course), and that keeps the shock factor at an all-time high. I dropped my jaw watching that seen where Palmer was gunned down by an assassin. Couldn't believe but it happened. They killed President Palmer. Next season (January 2007), his brother Wayne is the new President.

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