04 December 2006

Can you spell obsessive?

To this blog's right, you will find a tiny yellow box with TV Themes you can listen to. They're themes from shows I've watched as a young girl and shows I'm currently watching.

This is my latest obsession.

I didn't intend to have that many tunes on my Stickam account (Stickam's so cool by the way!). But like the energizer bunny (of which I had a dream about last night! Freudian slip! LOL!), I just kept uploading and uploading.

Anyway, I hope some of these tunes bring back memories from your youth (it did with me!) or if you're listening to the songs for the first time --- yep...that's how songs were made in those days!

And then, there are those themes we hear from TV shows currently airing. In a recent article I've read, TV theme songs are slowly being edged away from their shows because they supposedly take precious time. Time which could be used for more storytelling. So now, you don't hear them as much. So it's good to have things like this on file, is it not?

Anyway, back to my dream about bunnies.....:D