29 December 2006

Arrrgh, the frustration!

I'm supposed to start watching Heroes but it's taking forever to acquire the episodes. No thanks to this. A normal day, day-and-a-half is taking three days (and counting) now and browsing other sites can also be frustrating. Even logging on to this blog took forever.

This is what happens when you depend on DSL technology too much. You're used to everything coming at a lightning speed (or something like that) or information is available and within your reach at the same time the world learns of 'em.

The slow down could be a subtle sign for people like me, an internet junkie, to at least maybe get a life...a social life. Hey, I've got friends! But they're either just on the net most of the time, too; or they've never heard of the internet, LOL...that's a fact!

Anyhow, I got stuck watching Season 2 of Everybody Hates Chris (On local cable, Season 1 I think airs on JackTV). This show used to be promising, but after two episodes and a half yesterday afternoon, I feel asleep. It surprisingly isn't as funny anymore. But I've got to say the choice of music they use in the show (from the 80's) is bringing back tons of memories from my youth. In Chris' timeline for Season 2 (which is 1984) I think I'd be just about the same age as him or maybe the younger brother, Drew. Anyway, if I'm not enjoying the comedy that much now, I'm thoroughly tripping with the song choices.

Tonight, still without a decent way to view Heroes, I've decided to initiate my son to Scrubs via the only DVD we have of the show (so far....still saving up for the rest!) - Season 1. I figured, my 9-year-old enjoys Friends a lot, took interest in Smallville, slightly finds Frasier funny, and worships The Simpsons.... why not another adult TV show, right? Bonding moment time. :)