14 December 2006

My Boys & Lost Room

As if what I watch isn't enough, I have decided to take a look at two shows I've been reading a lot about.

My Boys

Googgle up "My Boys TV show" and you will find the words Sex and The City associated with it. Everyone's saying that this is the new SATC. (How many TV shows are there that claimed to be the new or the next SATC, but never really delivered? )

So what does My Boys have in common with SATC? Let's bring out my list:

1. Its about a female writer, PJ Jordan. But unlike Carrie Bradshaw, she's not a sex columnist, she's a sports columnist.
2. It is also about her friends. Except that her circle of friends aren't composed of hormonal women, but men with dangerous levels of testosterone. [Testosterone: the principal male sex hormone].
3. It is about dating, love, relationships and sex.
4. PJ does narration, in Carrie Bradshaw fashion... but with a deeper voice. I have to get used to PJ's voice, it's low and nasal.

What doesn't it have in common with SATC? Just one from what I've seen so far --- PJ analyzes relationships and equates this to sports.

I'm just on the first 2 episodes (of the current 6 - 30 minute installments) so, I can't form a valid opinion about this show yet. But Variety says:

Owing more than a passing debt to "Sex and the City" -- a series TBS knows well, having run the sprockets off its reruns -- "My Boys" saunters onto the field with all the assuredness of a big-league closer. Breezy, smart and occasionally funny, director Betsy Thomas has created a real-feeling world where a femme sportswriter is very much one of the guys, with all the merriment and challenges that entails. Although unlikely to be a major hit, the show should win fans among both bleacher bums and women pining for another decent comedy with a plucky heroine/narrator at its core.

The Lost Room

Have yet to see one episode but The Lost Room is queued under our Must-Watch list for the Christmas holidays. This show's really not up to my taste but more my husband's. And when he watches TV, whether I like the premise or not, we have to watch together. Yeah, bonding moment crap.

What's it about?

The Lost Room is a science fiction television miniseries on the Sci Fi Channel. The series revolves around the room of the title and at least 100 everyday items from that room that possess unusual powers, such as a comb that can stop time for ten seconds, or a pen that microwaves anything its tip touches. --- Wikipedia

What will it remind you of?

Twilight Zone, of course. And maybe a bit of Twin Peaks.

Looks interesting... potentially engaging. Miniseries only (so there's, like 6 hours worth of story, short viewing time lang). I'm interested to see Peter Krause & Juliana Marguiles working together. And Dakota Fanning's younger sister, Elle, is also in the cast.