12 December 2006

Race to the Finish

I rank The Amazing Race as one of my Top 5 favorites. That is until this year. I have about 5 episodes worth of catching up to do. Inspite this image to the left, that's too hot for primetime TV and is supposed to keep the likes of me tuning to the show (and lapping the TV set hehe!) every Monday mornings (is that a bulge or is that a bulge? People like Phil should stop tucking shirts in! It drives a lot of women crazy!), I can't believe I'm gonna say this but the predictability of the format has driven my attention away from it for awhile. There's not enough bulge to keep me hanging. LOL! And as predictability goes, it's an all-male team (model Tyler & James) who has won this year...yet again.

I don't know about you but the All-Star show that's up next season is a desperate sign. As much as I love TAR and I think that yes, it is probably the best reality show ever (deserving of its 3 Emmy awards)... its time is up.

Phil, I'm sorry to tell you but you have been eliminated out of my Top 5 Favorite TV Shows list. :(