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16 January 2006

It was an honor, Mr...

24 Season 5 opened the other night with an explosive episode. In just under 5 minutes I was left looking like this:

I can't say much, I don't wanna ruin the suspense for those who will follow it in a couple of weeks or months on cable. But let me just say that it involved this guy:

And if you know your guns, you could tell he's a sniper. And him being there had something to do with something that starts with an A and ends with an N.

D'you guess it? Yeah... I know ..it's:

The two hour premier last night will be followed by another two hour second premier (what do you call a second premier?) tonight. I'm on the edge of my seat. My final words for the first 2 hours.... and mind you, this is the first time I'm gonna say or even print it: Motherfucker!

Total body count for episode 1: 4 (maybe 5, I forgot)
Total VIPs dead: 2
Total times I dropped my jaw: 3 1/2
Total times I cried: 3
Total times I clapped my hands saying, "Go Jack!": 3
Total times I laughed because Chloe was annoying (this time worked in everyone's favor): 3
Total times I said, "Not again!": 3
Total times my husband said there are loopholes to the plot: 2

Now, let me take a break from all that action and watch Grey's Anatomy's 2 hour premiere now.

Season 5 Episode 1 Day 5: 7:00 A.M.-8:00 A.M.
Original Airing: Jan 15, 2006
Network: Fox

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