02 December 2006

Today I am thankful for...

I have a lot of things to be thankful for today:

- I am thankful for the fact that my son's fever didn't worsen. He's back on his feet, forever like my shadow, always staying where I'm at inside our little house. If I'm washing dishes, he's there by my side, talking about the silliest things or the most serious things you don't expect from 9 years old. When I did laundry earlier, he was there to help me out or make a mess of the clothes (goes both ways). When I was preparing food, he kept me company...might as well make him useful --- taught him to prepare the chicken noodle soup.

- I am thankful that the typhoon did not pass Manila. Therefore: no brown-outs, no disrupted DSL service, no disrupted water supply.

- I am thankful for the kind soul who did all this work on my blog. Can't never understand the new Blogger Beta, trying to though. My son says the colors remind him Spongebob. LOL! Was aiming for a theme that's a lot less cutesy but I guess this one's mighty fine.