04 January 2006

Is Reality TV dying? (Mid Season Premiers)

Of the 20 or so new TV shows premiering mid-season (beginning next week), only a handful belong to the Reality TV genre. What the networks are offering this season are HB0-ish TV shows --- groundbreaking, different (often quirky). Now, they get the idea!

Anyhow...here are a couple of shows I think I'm gonna tune to once it airs:

'Emily's Reasons Why Not'
Heather Graham

Pilot Date: Jan. 9, 2006
Network: ABC

Synopsis from TV.COM:

Emily Sanders (Heather Graham) is a successful young woman with terrific taste, great friends and a fabulous job in publishing. She didn’t get to this place in life by accident. She worked hard and always followed a set of self-imposed guidelines referred to as the “Reasons.” Reasons why not to take that new job offer, reasons why not to tell a vacation fling to look you up if he’s ever in Los Angeles, reasons why not to trust your crafty, back-stabbing former assistant , Glitter Cho (Smith Cho) . However, when Emily crosses professional lines and gets involved with the roguishly handsome, two-timing author of their new best seller, there’s no denying somewhere along the way her internal GPS system has crashed. She’s got to get back on track, and once again be heedful of the trustworthy reasons that help her navigate her way through life. Reilly (Nadia Dajani) is a "nonconformist" who is unemployed and still single. She has known Emily since childhood. Reilly has no problem telling it like it is. Josh (Khary Payton) works at a healing teashop called "Chi for Two".

Seth Green
'Four Kings'

Pilot Date: Jan. 5, 2006
Network: NBC

Synopsis from TV.COM:

The Emmy-winning creators of NBC's "Will & Grace" David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are creating "Four Kings," their new comedy pilot for NBC. The executive producers of the Warner Bros. TV project will write it In the pilot it centers on a quartet of guys, childhood best friends, who live in New York.

In short, this is Sex and The City: Men Edition....with a touch of Entourage.

'Book of Daniel'
Pilot Date: Jan.6, 2006
Network: NBC

Synopsis from TV.COM:

The show focuses on an Episcopalian minister and father. He finds himself conversing with Jesus - his mentor and friend - who helps navigate family problems, church politics and even his nagging reliance on prescription painkillers.

The pilot was written on spec by "Titus" co-creator Jack Kenny. NBC took the rare step of buying his finished script even though it was not developed through the network's traditional process.

Kenny and his writing partner, Brian Hargrove, created and shepherded the Christopher Titus comedy "Titus," which ran from 2000-02 on Fox. Additionally, Kenny has directed episodes of "Titus," the WB Network's "Reba," and Titus' recent comedy special for Showtime, "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding."

Hello, God are you there? It's me Daniel.